Eviction risk confirmed

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Edit 10/02/2021 : This morning, we had the pleasure to be woken up by the bailiff accompanied by the baddies. We were given the eviction order.

On February 4, the local elected officials and the harbour manager gave formal notice to the prefecture to demand the evacuation of the ZAD du Carnet, during a hearing in summary proceedings at the administrative court of Nantes. We expect to learn the court’s decision any day.

After 5 months of pressure from the cops, the fachos, the mayors who are waiting for their checks, and the media smearing us, this time they think they can finally subdue us.
We have strong reason to believe that the decision will be to our disadvantage and will order our expulsion. We expect an intervention of the cops in the next few days. So we need moral, human and material support!

Let’s not wait for their deliberation to organize ourselves! If you want to defend the ZAD du Carnet: it’s now or never!

We especially need people on the spot, but supporting us from a distance is also possible: don’t hesitate to set up your supporting collective in your locality, organize solidarity actions (material collecting, support funds), etc. To contact us, write to zadducarnet@riseup.net.

As long as the industrial zone project at Le Carnet is not completely abandoned, resistance will be necessary! We will continue to fight to preserve the Carnet island, and will continue to warn of the consequences of the industrialization of the Loire estuary.

The struggle continues!

✊ We are the Loire defending itself! ✊

The list of our needs is available here: https://airtable.com/shrxU9GW36SYz4mSU/tblXcqc92tEkbbikh.
Practical information on how to get to the ZAD can be found here: https://zadducarnet.org/index.php/venir-nous-rejoindre/
Our arguments against the Carnet’s industrial project and the history of the struggle: https://zadducarnet.org/index.php/2021/01/27/nouvelle-brochure-sur-le-projet-industriel-du-carnet/
The latest ZAD press release: https://zadducarnet.org/index.php/2021/01/31/rebondissement-a-la-zad-du-carnet-les-elus-contre-attaquent/

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